Whiskey is for Drinking, Water is for Fighting

Honored and humbled as I share my first guest blog with my people. Water is a dificult subject and with the epic drought most of the Western United States is experiencing, passion and concern is universal amongst land owners, citizens, farmers and ranchers. Water divides, unites, destroys, solidifies, quenches and depleats as its quantities waiver. One thing is certain, the West needs more rain and snow. Moving forward, we also need to be smarter about usage, conservation, storage and regulation. Thank you, Megan Brown, for the oportunity to tell our story to your followers. Please take a moment to read and follow Megan’s blog, The Beef Jar.

The Beef Jar

One of the amazing things about farmers and ranchers is solidarity. We will always have differences of opinion about everything, but when push comes to shove, you’ll never find a group of people that are more supportive of each other. This becomes apparent to me every time agriculture has a serious event like a drought or a major storm.  As we know, the western United States is suffering from an epic drought. The networking, and information being shared amongst our groups right now is staggering. The messages of support and advice I’ve been receiving has blown me out of the water (sorry, bad pun). Carin has been one of those people that has offered her support. Like me, she is passionate about her way of life and ranch. She has graciously shared with me a post about her experience with our drought. Please take the time to follow her blog here

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