Vegas isn’t the only excitement in Clark County

I’ve spent my life on the edge of popular opinion. Although we are much a product of our environment, a lot of my opinions lie in opposition to that of my parents or employers. Within the Ag Community, I get more than a few startled looks and angry responses when I suggest that agriculture would be a far healthier industry if we stopped accepting subsides from the government (Go ahead. 🙂 I’ve heard it all. You’re not changing my mind.). It’s taken me a solid week to sort out my thoughts in Bundy v BLM.

When Bundy v BLM recently hit the national airwaves, I believed, like many others that Cliven Bundy was getting screwed. I still believe he got screwed – 20 years ago. Many of the details in this case are hazy. Many can be left for personal interpretation. And if you listen to the stories about Mineral Rights and proposed Solar Farms, it’s enough to make the hair on the back of any Rural American’s neck stand on end as it wreaks of Agenda 21.

Here we are, a week into national headlines and the Bundy Supporters have declared victory because the BLM has retreated and Bundy’s cattle have been returned, save for the unconfirmed number of head killed when contract cowboys attempted to gather. But victory for how long?

No doubt this story has been steeped in Constitutional Rights Violations. Government Agencies are seemingly performing the work of Agenda 21. And this is the last cattleman standing in Clark County, Nevada. I want to be on Cliven Bundy’s side.

I want to believe that this is another case of government overreach and I believe it is. I want to believe that Bundy did everything he legally could in order to keep grazing the land his family had been on since the 1870’s, but I don’t believe he did. I want to believe that our judicial system is always on the right side of justice and that the right party always wins, but I know that’s not true.

My discomfort lies on several facets of this story: 1. We have glorified a man who refused to recognize the federal government. He is not acting any more civilized than a tattooed gang member engaged in a turf war. 2. 20+ years of rulings in Federal Court have been against the Bundys and for the most part, there has been not a peep from all these ‘protesters’. 3. If the government was not involved this case and it was classic, Tenant v Landlord, the politics of the protesters would be exactly the opposite. 4. If the Bundys hadn’t made threats, including bodily harm, against the Government in 2012 when they last tried to evict the cattle, I highly doubt that the government would have shown up with the 200 armed forces they came with.

My questions are: What will the Bundys and their protesters do now? File a motion in Federal Court stoping the eviction? Probably not. Will the government now stand down and allow Bundy to continue grazing rent free? Nope. Not gonna happen. Will other cattlemen take to this form of vigilante justice and will the West be Wild again? I have no idea. Only time will tell.

I guess I’m still not taking sides in this case. In my heart, it’s wrong all the way around. Another case of complicated facts, poor response and knee jerk reaction. I wish more people were like the Chiltons and others who have taken the high road to beat the Government at their own game. Hopefully the Bundys will take this opportunity to band together with other ranchers who are having their grazing rights diminished in the name of endangered species. Maybe they can file a class action suit demanding that the BLM be dissolved and the rights be turned over to respective states as Bundy says is his ultimate goal.

For now, I’ll continue to uncomfortably follow this story and hope that no one or no more cattle are hurt in the process. Nothing good is coming from this debacle and I have a feeling it’s going to get worse before it gets better.


4 thoughts on “Vegas isn’t the only excitement in Clark County

  1. Jratzlaff says:

    Your Facebook blocked me from commenting, So I will say here I share you feeling on this matter but one new things I read about. Clive supposedly cannot pay his fees without signing an agreement that he feel takes away his rights. And the opinions I read were that the other ranchers that did lost their rights and advised him it was a huge mistake. I believe 50 ranchers was the number that got completely shut down after signing it. So you can imagine his position. I would like to see the BLM document that he is required to sign in order to pay his fees. Look into that and maybe you can have the rest of the story that I would like to here. We tax payers own that land. The blm works from our tax dollars we should have some say on what they are up too.

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  2. I believe the government is overstepping, its just too damn big and has hands in everything and is involved in too much activity….really no stepping is needed. Mr. Bundy has been warned by others that have fallen prey to the Feds in this tricky situation. I believe he is one of those old timers who simply cannot keep up with all the litigation that is needed to fight the gov. and has simply put his foot down, and good for him. The reason these “protesters’ have just taken to his side instead of supporting him for the last 20 years…..people are finally getting fed up and its coming to a head.
    I would like your next topic to be “Agriculture Subsides from the Government”. That one might be a series. Americans have become lazy and looking for handouts and this has become a way of life in America. I see situations daily and they pepper the news where people leach off of handouts from all sorts of government systems. Our grandparents learned how to roll with the tough times and honker down to make the best of them. Now people just put their hands out and some program just gives away taxpayer money with little hesitation.

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  3. Matt says:

    Carin, only Bundy himself knows what has happened over the last 20 years. Maybe he’s being a hard ass, or maybe even 20 years ago he learned from the mistakes of others who have already been down this road and it sounds like plenty have. Bundy is the last man standing. Theres a huge abuse of power when it comes to the ESA (Endangered Species Act). Antis and government work together and abuse it. Its happening everywhere, now more then ever. If the governments true plan isn’t about the protection of the tortoise and the land, but about constructing a solar farm, then its all one big lie on there part.

    Where are the antis with there drones flying high videotaping the abuse of these cattle as the BLM rounds them up? I agree with you that this is not over and if I were Bundy I’d be stocking up on food and water if he plans to stick this out. If DHS gets involved, they will block all access and starve them out.

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  4. 1. Cliven Bundy could not afford a constitutional lawyer to defend him, so he did the best he could ALL by himself. 2. The landlord changed the lease terms on him MANY times. 140 years of ranching and they said his cows were hurting the turtles. 3. The BLM has not used the Ranching fees to do what they are tasked to do, instead they used the money to buy out other ranchers. (Read Hage vs. Fed Govt.). After you learn about that case you will understand how RELENTLESS the BLM is. 4. This is not a welfare rancher, nor is he wealthy. He had about 800 cows., 130 were shot or run to death. Over 25 calves were separated from their mothers. 10 are now dead. The BLM shot 2 bulls from the air. Several of the holding pens had no water for over 3 days. 5. The BLM had stun guns, body slammed a 57 year old lady and sicced a German Shepard on a pregnant lady. 6. The BLM escalated the event by having snipers hide in the hills, trained on Bundy family and friends. So Cliven invited his friends to protect him. So WE came. Army Rangers, Navy Seals and all kinds of military. Cowboys caring side arms and people with weapons. No one got hurt, do you know why? Because we were armed too. The BLM showed who they were by how they treated those animals. You can’t believe they wouldn’t have shot one of the Bundys.


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